Our History

Our story really starts with eggs, lots and lots of chicken eggs. Our owner Derry Weaver grew up on a chicken farm in Lancaster County, PA where he learned how much he didn't want to become a professional chicken farmer. He left that to his brother Dave. Instead, Derry took up the construction trade in his teenage years and found a passion in tile installation, a skill at which he quickly excelled. Derry worked at Bareville Flooring in New Holland for a number of years and built many solid relationships.

Then in the winter 2014 by the leading of the Lord, Derry and his wife Sherri established D&S Flooring LLC in Ephrata to sell and install flooring in the south-central Pennsylvania region. In just over 4 years, the Derry and Sherri’s start-up grew from 0 to 9 full-time and 5 part-time employees. Now in a new building in Lititz, PA, D&S continues to grow and serve a greater number of people. Derry's experience and close relationships with builders, contractors, commercial establishments, home-owners, and high quality installers in the community definitely contribute to the company's success though Derry continually gives honor and credit to God for His wisdom and guidance in leading the business.

That's our brief history. Thanks for reading and please, let us know how we can serve you!

Our Mission

D&S Flooring LLC is a family business that exists to honor God and serve people while providing flooring solutions for South-Central PA customers with effective, quality products and services in a safe, trusting, prayerful, and enjoyable working environment that is profitable for all.

Our Values

We value honoring God.  We honor God first by believing His Son Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6), and we make it our aim to glorify Him by walking out His principles in the workplace.

We value people. We esteem all people as being created in God’s image and make it our aim to treat them with dignity and respect.  

We value family, relationships, and community. We understand our customers, employees, and those with whom we’re in professional relationship each have families and in no way want to place business above the health of those families. Instead, we want to make business a source of benefit and provision for families and the community.

We value trust. We are dedicated to build customer and employee relationships on the foundations of integrity, honesty, and good communication.

We value excellence. We are committed to providing professional advice,  enduring and high quality products and skilled installations and services.

We value generosity. We believe in compensating our hard-working employees and subcontractors with fair wages and gifts and supporting local and international organizations whose goal and work is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through words and actions.

We value joy and having fun. We make it our aim to create a joyful and fun working environment.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.
— Jesus, Matthew 5:16

What CUSTOMERS SAY THEY LOVE (Actual Reviews!)

  • Quick... Honest... Patient.

  • Integrity and stand behind their products...

  • Professional and kind..

  • Helped me find best solution for my needs...

  • Showed up on time...

  • Straight answers and honest work...

  • Helped me navigate my options...

  • Answered all my questions...