Building Update 3.0 / Exterior Transformation


Exterior Transformation

December 2017, Derry and the D&S team were looking at this old yellow building and dreaming of future plans. 11 months later, the plans and dreams have come to reality before our eyes.

To name a few of the major renovations, we installed a new standing seam metal roof, asphalt driveway, and garage door. We had the exterior painted and put up Dryvit on the face of the showroom. We took the power lines down and ran them to the building underground. There’s new lighting and even road signage. We think it looks pretty great!

Thanks to all who had a hand in this great undertaking!

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Building Update 2.0


"Hello, and welcome to D&S Flooring. Please make yourself comfortable and a salesperson will be with you in November."



At the beginning of August 2018, the future home of D&S Flooring got a new pair of front doors and a bunch of windows. Let there be light!


Drywall was also complete and ready for its first coat of paint. At the writing of this post, the interior painting has begun. Also, these shelves are ready for a coat of paint as well. This will be our commercial flooring area complete with the commercial sample books.


Hats off to F&M Painting for their excellent skills in applying the exterior paint so evenly and without messy overspray. You guys are a class act!


This part is pretty exciting: When a driveway was first mentioned, a little single-lane road came to mind; not this highway! There's tons of space for the teams to load, unload and do donuts.


This guys' beard is legit. 👆🏼

Check it out! Thank you Hackman Paving for your excellent work.


That's it for this update. Thank you for checking it out!