Ephrata Community Church Project


This summer, we had the privilege of installing over 100,000 square feet of flooring and tile at Ephrata Community Church for their new building project. The first phase of the expansion of their facilities included a bigger cafe, a completely new 1600-seat auditorium, new classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and even an indoor jungle gym!


The facility and the process of construction was very well done. Fantastic design, Cornerstone Design-Architects and great job running things, Horst Construction!

Of that 100,000+ square feet of flooring, D&S Flooring installed broadloom carpet and carpet tile, ceramic and porcelain tile and vinyl composite tile (VCT), rubber stair treads, and rubber stair nosings throughout the space. We also installed over 10,000 linear feet of vinyl cove base! Our team was busy!

A big thanks to Ephrata Community Church for trusting us to provide you with quality flooring solutions!

Here’s a look into the project, one space at a time.


Connection Cafe


On the cafe floor, we installed LVT in a brick-set pattern at a 45 degree angle. Altogether, we covered almost 4,500 square feet with the vinyl tile. Notice the precise work completed by our flooring technician along the edge where the flooring meets the brick wall! Well done, Mike Bires.

Foyers & Entrances


The new foyers and hallways received commercial broadloom by Patcraft product in style Audio Echo, color Equalizer. The walk-off carpet at the entrance was also a Patcraft product, and we installed a total of 3,000 square feet of walk-off carpet in the facility. The grand total of the broadloom in all the spaces was 80,000 square feet. That’s 50 rolls of carpet!

Our main sub-contracting carpet installers, Jeff and Ted Eck, did several months of tireless work putting in about 75% of that 80,000 square feet of carpet. They’re our go-to guys when it comes to carpet, especially the challenge of matching up patterns in carpet. Great job, gentlemen! Our in-house technicians Mike Marinari and Nate Siegrist were also a significant part completing this massive task. Go, team!



The main bathroom downstairs just outside of the auditorium received porcelain and ceramic tile on the floor and the walls. One of our main sub-contractors, Jordan Weaver, installed American Olean 12” x 24” Theoretical Imagination Gray (Color #97) porcelain tile in a brick-set pattern with Laticrete Permacolor Select Dusty Gray (Color #60) grout. For the walls, a beautiful Roca White Ice 3”x6” ceramic subway tile was chosen and installed in a brick-set pattern with the same grout. Along the base of the walls, Jordan also installed tile base.

And before there was electricity throughout the building, our lead technician Josh Plank installed VCT in several smaller bathrooms while wearing a head lamp! The grand total of VCT in the whole space, which included some stair landings, was 1,400 square feet.

Classrooms & Hallways


Now we’re starting to have some fun!

Downstairs and down the hallway from the main auditorium are the 8 new classrooms, full of color. The foyer just outside the classes features all the carpet tile colors found also in the classrooms. The tiles were a J&J Commercial product in style Madras with the main color Jersey with accompanying accent tiles in three different colors pictured, teal, light blue, and lime green.

Wisely chosen for the high probability of spills and messes, carpet tiles cover the hallways. And look at that Roppe Vinyl Wall Base in color Smoke (#174)! You can see how we quickly climbed up to that 10,000 linear feet of it that our team installed.



The stairs in the foyer of the auditorium received Patcraft Color Your World broadloom and rubber stair nosings. In the stairwell up to the offices, we installed VCT on the landings and Johnsonite rubber stair treads.



We’re not done yet!

Another space that received a beautiful upgrade were the offices. The new u-shaped layout and glass walls keeps everyone connected in this naturally-lit environment. The offices received Patcraft Audio Echo color Distortion. Distortion has more of a gray tone than the Equalizer which displays more brown tones.

An Indoor Playground!


Now parents can watch their kids in a climate controlled environment, either in the room with the three-story jungle gym or in the next glass-enclosed room with plenty of seats!

These rooms have the same Patcraft broadloom as the offices in the Distortion color, adding the comfort of carpet for shoeless kids and parents sitting with (and/or chasing) their toddlers.

New Auditorium


The most remarkable upgrade would be the new 1,600-seat auditorium with risers at the back of the space, covered in carpet. Again, thank you very much, Eck brothers! There’s just nothing like carpet to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Perhaps the most overlooked but most time-consuming flooring feature would be the hundreds of feet of rubber stair nosings installed in the auditorium. Many thanks to our main man, Josh Plank for his tireless work on that aspect of the project!

Adjacent to the auditorium are a green room and an even bigger nursing mother’s room. Look at all those gliding chairs!

The D&S Crew

Here are some shots of the crew, many of these taken by Sherri Weaver, wife of our owner Derry.


Thank You, ECC!

What a privilege it has been to be entrusted with your project! We think the space looks great and are looking forward to phase 2.

Thanks for reading.

New Holland Transport


In the summer of 2018, New Holland Transport (NHT), temperature controlled trucking and cold storage warehouse, completed their new facility in Denver, PA. We had the privilege of providing flooring for their project, installing tile, carpet, and vinyl in several rooms and spaces. Here are some shots with details about the work and specific products!

STAIRWAYS | Steps + Landings

For the stairs, Josh Plank, our lead flooring technician, installed Roppe Heavy Duty round nose treads and risers in steel blue. The treads are constructed of a highly durable rubber with a raised design. These treads are going to last a long time and look great! For more detailed information on this product, check out Roppe’s site. Great choice, NHT!

On the landing of the stairways, Josh installed Parallel 20 Los Angelimed wood-look LVP manufactured by Armstrong Flooring with 1/4” plywood underneath as well. Each glue-down plank, measured 6” x 48”. LVP should serve them well as it’s easy to clean, scratch resistant, and resilient. You can learn more about this product on Armstrong’s site. There was also some carpet on one of the landings that we will talk about in the next section…



Upstairs, we installed some more Armstrong Parallel 20 LVP and a backsplash. The tile used in the backsplash was a 6” x 6” tile by Vallelunga in style Pietra Romana and color Grigio. For grout, we used Laticrete Spectralock Epoxy grout in light pewter. In terms of stain prevention and durability, epoxy grout is excellent and outperforms all other types of grout. For more information about the grout, visit Laticrete’s site.

The carpet tile installed is a Philadelphia Commercial product in color “Embrace Courage”. The 4.5” carpet base installed is also a Philadelphia Commercial product in their Emphatic II 30 style line in color Weather Vane. Who knew you could use carpet as baseboard?

TILE | Upstairs Bathroom & Downstairs Kitchen


On the floors in the downstairs break room, bathrooms, and at the foot of the stairs is a tile from American Olean (AO) style Bevalo measuring 18” x 18” in color Charcoal grouted with Laticrete Spectralock Epoxy color Natural Grey. The tile base was the same style and color tile from AO measuring 3” x 12”. A durable tile that will serve them well!

On the walls in the bathrooms, we installed a Marazzi tile style San Savino measuring 12” x 24” with the same Natural Grey Spectralock grout. Finishing the top row of tile is a bullnose tile. Tile can be set in a number of different ways. NHT chose a brick set pattern for the wall tile and straight-lay pattern for the floor.


Thanks for reading and thank you NHT for the privilege of providing you with quality flooring solutions for your new space!