New Holland Transport


In the summer of 2018, New Holland Transport (NHT), temperature controlled trucking and cold storage warehouse, completed their new facility in Denver, PA. We had the privilege of providing flooring for their project, installing tile, carpet, and vinyl in several rooms and spaces. Here are some shots with details about the work and specific products!

STAIRWAYS | Steps + Landings

For the stairs, Josh Plank, our lead flooring technician, installed Roppe Heavy Duty round nose treads and risers in steel blue. The treads are constructed of a highly durable rubber with a raised design. These treads are going to last a long time and look great! For more detailed information on this product, check out Roppe’s site. Great choice, NHT!

On the landing of the stairways, Josh installed Parallel 20 Los Angelimed wood-look LVP manufactured by Armstrong Flooring with 1/4” plywood underneath as well. Each glue-down plank, measured 6” x 48”. LVP should serve them well as it’s easy to clean, scratch resistant, and resilient. You can learn more about this product on Armstrong’s site. There was also some carpet on one of the landings that we will talk about in the next section…



Upstairs, we installed some more Armstrong Parallel 20 LVP and a backsplash. The tile used in the backsplash was a 6” x 6” tile by Vallelunga in style Pietra Romana and color Grigio. For grout, we used Laticrete Spectralock Epoxy grout in light pewter. In terms of stain prevention and durability, epoxy grout is excellent and outperforms all other types of grout. For more information about the grout, visit Laticrete’s site.

The carpet tile installed is a Philadelphia Commercial product in color “Embrace Courage”. The 4.5” carpet base installed is also a Philadelphia Commercial product in their Emphatic II 30 style line in color Weather Vane. Who knew you could use carpet as baseboard?

TILE | Upstairs Bathroom & Downstairs Kitchen


On the floors in the downstairs break room, bathrooms, and at the foot of the stairs is a tile from American Olean (AO) style Bevalo measuring 18” x 18” in color Charcoal grouted with Laticrete Spectralock Epoxy color Natural Grey. The tile base was the same style and color tile from AO measuring 3” x 12”. A durable tile that will serve them well!

On the walls in the bathrooms, we installed a Marazzi tile style San Savino measuring 12” x 24” with the same Natural Grey Spectralock grout. Finishing the top row of tile is a bullnose tile. Tile can be set in a number of different ways. NHT chose a brick set pattern for the wall tile and straight-lay pattern for the floor.


Thanks for reading and thank you NHT for the privilege of providing you with quality flooring solutions for your new space!


Commercial Project | Anytime Fitness in Lancaster, PA


We recently had the privilege of installing flooring for a new Anytime Fitness location opening in Lancaster, PA. Renovations in the nearly 200 year old building began at the end of summer 2018 with an aim to be open in the late fall. For our part, it was a challenging and rewarding project.

Floor Preparation

The preparation of the subfloor was by far the most extensive and demanding part of the installation. The condition of the original subfloor, while nostalgic, was not fit for the new resilient luxury vinyl plank (LVP), carpet tile, rubber, athletic turf, and ceramic tile flooring to be installed. Our technicians got right to work bringing in 118 sheets of 1/2” plywood, almost 4,000 square feet in total! They nailed down each 4’ x 8’ sheet and quickly began patching all the joints with mortar for a smooth surface wall-to-wall.

When the patchwork was dry, our flooring technicians tagged in Lester, our warehouse manager, to sand the joints to a seamless finish. Together with a floor polishing machine custom-fit with sandpaper, Lester smoothed out the surface of the patchwork like a pro. Then he found the nearest telephone booth, changed into his superhero outfit with matching cape and flew off to prevent the next catastrophe!

Rubber, Turf, LVP, & Carpet

Once the subfloor preparation was complete, our technicians took the next 3 days to install 1500 square feet of rubber flooring, 1100 square feet of athletic turf flooring, commercial grade LVP, and commercial carpet tile. Josh, our lead technician, went on wrap up the project installing 6” black cove base throughout the space.

Commercial Resilient Vinyl

At the front of the building, our technicians installed a floating LVP, Patcraft’s Click Refresh LVP. The color of choice was “Spiced Cherry” (#820). Waterproof, highly scuff-resistant, and available in tons of different looks, LVP has become a very popular product for commercial projects.

Carpet Tile

The commercial carpet tile is also a Patcraft product. The style is called “Dazzle” and the color “Exquisite”. Why yes, we think it is quite exquisite! Don’t you? For this installation, the tiles were secured to the subfloor with pressure sensitive adhesives, making replacement super easy. 👌🏽


This fun purple stuff is 6’ wide athletic turf by Ecore in color “Better Purple”. The turf is glued to the subfloor with Egrip III adhesive which happens to be low-odor, non-flammable, and rated with zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emission. That’s good on the lungs. 🙂


We also installed Ecore Rubber Floor Everlast 4’ x 50’ rolls in “Pumpin Purple”. Oh yeah! Pumpin’ purple! Get it? Pumpin’? Cuz it’s a gym.. where people “pump” weights? Oh man, you guys are killin’ us! On a more serious note, rubber floors for gym spaces continue to be a win with their shock absorbency, durability, affordability, and easy maintenance. A bonus about Ecore’s materials is the fact that they’re manufactured with recycled materials. Go green! ♻️ 🌱

A Happy Customer

A happy customer is high priority of ours. When we can get the job done with excellence and the customer is pleased, we’ve accomplished our goal. So when Anytime Fitness’ owner and general manager, Courtney, was pleased with our team and the final product, AND she left us a really positive online review (which, if we’ve installed for you, you can do right here if you’d like), we were thrilled. Everybody wins!

Hands down the hardest working crew I have worked with in a long time. Very professional and knowledgeable. Shows up early and works until they finish everything they said they would. I highly recommend D&S Flooring.
— Courtney R.


Thank you so much Courtney and Anytime Fitness for the privilege to serve you, and we wish you the best as you open your new location!

Considering LVP?

5 Things You May Not Have Known


1st Thing

Resilient Luxury Vinyl Plank or LVP and linoleum are two different products! Sheet vinyl often gets mistaken for linoleum and linoleum for sheet vinyl. The big difference between the two is their composition. Vinyl is an oil-based product while linoleum is plant-based (linseed oil, pine tar resin, wood flour, natural pigments, and jute for the backing). Go green! Another big difference is the style or look of vinyl. In terms of design versatility, linoleum is limited to a linear or marbled pattern whereas vinyl can mimic any type of flooring or design because its look is printed on the material by a machine.

2nd Thing

Your high quality LVPs today will come with a very strong wear layer made out of urethane that’s been cured using ultraviolet light. This process actually creates a chemical reaction that makes the urethane a very hard surface. Armstrong Flooring has come out with their Diamond Ten coating which actually has cultured diamonds in the urethane coating making it even stronger and resistant to wear over time. Other methods include adding silicone oxide or aluminum oxide to the UV urethane coating to increase longevity as well.

3rd Thing

To increase the dimensional stability of LVP, manufacturers have begun adding limestone to its composition. Armstrong Flooring has an LVP product line called rigid core, and US Floors has their Coretec line with limestone in their makeup. This type of LVP is perfect for a hunting cabin, for example, where the temperature can vary from 22 to 104 degrees. Despite the vast temperature change, this type of LVP is dimensionally stable which means it won’t expand or shrink.

4th Thing

LVP is 100% waterproof which means the flooring material itself won’t absorb water. Thanks to the engineering of LVP locking systems, water spilled (and dried up quickly) won’t reach your subfloor due to the maintained surface tension across the joints between pieces. To be clear, both glue-down and floating LVP, however, are not a 100% waterproof barrier to your subfloor. In the case of flooding, they will not protect what’s underneath from getting wet and absorbing water.

5th Thing

LVP is a super low maintenance product. It doesn’t require re-sealing, refinishing, or an expensive vacuum cleaner to keep it looking amazing. It’s total life span is shorter than a solid hardwood floor, but during the 30+ years of your LVP, the daily regimen will mostly just include dry sweeping up the dirt and grit followed by a swiffer cleaning using a hard surface cleaning solution.